Gradient Shading

Treasure Chest
1 Texture , 64x64

1 Texture , 128x128

Magic Pond with Fish
1 Texture , 256x256

Handpainted Lowpoly

Cartoon House

6.2k Tris, 4.6k Vertices 

2 Texture Atlases

The Well
2.4k Tris, 1.4k Vertices 

1 Texture Atlas, 2048x2048

Oak By the Water
1.3k Tris, 1k Vertices
3 Textures, 512x512

Stylized Bench
110 Tris, 63 Vertices


Axe Practice
Model by CG Cookie

1 Texture, 512x512

Lunara's Spear
224k Tris, 154 Vertices,
1 Texture, 512x512

Flower Pot
1.3k Tris, 824 Vertices
1 Texture, 1024x1024


2.4k Tris, 1.3k Vertices
1 Texture, 1024x1024