Indie Games

Upside Down

Upside Down is a Local co-op puzzle platformer. To complete each level, both players must to help each other or fail. The game was developed in 48 hours, at a Global Game Jam event.
In a team of 4, I was responsible for the environments and co-game-design.


Alchemy Hero

Alchemy hero is a personal project - I'm responsible for all the art, code and game design.
Alchemy Hero is a puzzle quest game, where you take the role of an Alchemist as you travel and use your potions to change your surrounding.
It was developed in Game Maker Studio in 2014, and can be played on Android, PC and HTML5. A demo of the game can be downloaded here


iPollute is a fully animated claymation game about pollution, and how to avoid it. The game was developed by Crafty Arcade. It was released as a premium game on iOS and Android, featured worldwide and awarded Best in Play at GDC 2014. The game was also later featured on the Humble Android Bundle. It was published by Bulkypix. My role on the team was lead artist and animator.

Whale Princess

Whale Princess is a clicker game developed by me at the Ludum Dare #29 solo competition. Pick at the ice, uncover it's secrets! 
The game can be downloaded here.

Points of View

Enter the room as either Grandma, Jenny, or the cat, Mr. Snuffles. Each time, the objects in the room change according to which point of view you are currently viewing. You'll need to use all 3 points of view to find Ben, Jenny's little brother. 

This game was developed in a Global Game Jam event in a team of 2. I was responsible for all art and co-game-design.