Below are some of the completed game projects I lead as a Game Designer at Playtika. I was responsible for the concept, symbol hierarchy, story, color and overall success of each slot machine. 


At Playstudios, I worked as a freelance artist, creating a complete art package for the successful mobile app "Pop! Slots". My work on this project includes - design and illustration of all symbols and reels, hierarchy planning and game logo. 
Below is my first released project on the app. "Pop! Slots" features advanced social mechanics to immerse players in a real casino-like experience, with community bonuses and jackpots.

Tangelo Games

My current position is of a full time illustrator and animator at Tangelo Games. Here I am responsible for a complete slot machine game, including illustration, animation and graphic design. Each game is completed in 2-3 weeks. 
Below are some of my recent projects.


At EZGames, I was responsible for the complete creative development of a new social casino app, including illustration of characters, animals and props, as well as leading the creative department and guiding the art team in the studio. The entire product was created in less than a year and featured over 16 games at launch.